This is the philosophy that has always distinguished us, we always try to put all the effort possible every day, trying to offer unique  and inimitable experiences!

The bike for all of us is a great passion, often, however, family, business or personal commitments not allow  to have enough time to be able to plan or participate in adventures in distant areas;
All too often, to participate or face the long-awaited adventure, long transfers are necessary in order to get to the point of beginning of the same adventure: imagine a trip on the Moroccan desert dunes, the 10-day adventure should add at least one week approach. . that often you do not have available.
Just as often, this long approach can not ‘be done as it should be, but you need to compromise: for example, face a long drive asphalt to get to the place we are interested in … just as often these places are so far away that you can not physically perform this transfer (such as a trip to Nepal)

And once somone has available the time and inclination, it is said that by tackling the adventure of “self-taught” you can take the best routes or explore the hidden corners. There are things that only those who lived through those places can ‘know ….
And too often underestimate the basic aspects of an adventure (onroad and offroad that is) much
to affect the safety and the journey even for a small banalities: it will happen to all of puncturing, but everyone knows how to fix it? You can not ‘always rely on EUROPE ASSISTANCE!

And here’s our philosophy:

  • have fun in good company, by eliminating as much as possible long road and optimizing time transfers.
  • never forgetting safety and prevent a trivial problem can turn into a horrible nightmare.
  • discover the hidden corners of each place to make the 100% travel

What can we offer more:

  • Time optimization thanks to the formula FLY & DRIVE: you simply need to worry about taking the plane, we’ll take care of everything else!
    We are able to transfer your bike and gear everywhere avoiding the long transfers.
  • LOCAL GUIDES: just that there lives and has traveled those roads hundreds of times has a deep knowledge of the territory, often a simple GPS trace retrieved on the internet can ‘not be enough, and too often it goes in some areas, ignoring what we It is around us! All destinations we offer are straconosciute and all the ca n resist paths were tested countless times by our guides and our STAFF.
  • SAFETY AND SERVICE: Our staff is composed only of skilled people, guides formed and recognized by different federations and mechanical TRUE!
    Almost always, we also offer one or more pick-up 4 × 4 in the wake of the group and assitance for luggage transport. All our staff is well trained and BLSD entitled to intervene in an emergency.
    Every journey in remote lands always includes one or more satellite phones in tow and a kit with an automatic defibrillator (which have very few).
  • MOST FUN: Our philosophy is that you are traveling to motorcycle without bags (except for some special cases), to the benefit of fun and driving pleasure!
  • CAR and MOTO EQUIPMENT: we provide our experience to  provide this kind of service, all the stuff that we rent (directly or through third parties) are always in excellent condition, our suppliers are carefully chosen after careful consideration!